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King Size Mattresses - How To Get a Great Deal

As you're probably aware by now, A decent to great king size mattress is an expensive purchase and you'll probably want to do everything you can to keep the costs down while ensuring you get the best buy for your budget. In this short guide we'll go over a few options to help you save money on your future king sized mattress purchase.

Wait for a promotion

King size mattresses go on promotion all the time so if you can it maybe worth waiting for the right time. Sadly the wait could be 2 to 3 months depending on where you purchase or the brand, but it's often worth the wait as you could get a free gift (mattress protector, really good pilllows), a cheaper king size mattress (either reduction at the till or cashback), or handy things such as free delivery, extended warranty or something that just gives you peace of mind.

Ask retailers to price match or beat their competitors prices

Different retailers, as you know, have similar promotions but at different times of the year. Shop around and be sure to ask them if they can match (or beat) their competitors promotions. It's also worth asking them for a price reduction on things such as pillows, duvet sets, king size bed etc which you are also purchasing to see if you can get the overall price lower if they can't give you a discount on the actual mattress.

Visit the store and simply ask for a discount

Salespeople in store, most often than not, are fully able to provide a discount if you purchase from them today. Most salespeople have an allowance or discount they can provide on a weekly or monthly basis so don't be afraid to ask the question. If a price reduction isn't possible they can give you cheaper prices on most accessories, mattress protectors, pillows and king size beds. Just ask!

Setup price alerts, use discount codes and cashback

Here we can provide quick and easy price alerts to let you know once a certain mattress gets cheaper, and we can also keep you updated on all the latest and greatest discount codes that Dreams, Bensons For Beds, Argos and Very have to offer. Discount codes and cashback is a great way to get a king size mattress a little cheaper but a good reduction in price is hard to come by.


So remember to wait for a promotion if possible, haggle with the salespeople in the store, see if price matching is possible and setup price alerts! Do you have any tips you could send in?

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