About Deals & Sales

If you're looking for a certain category of product, and you're not sure what to buy yet, we've created a site for you.

The current process for finding a product isn't the best, and generally involves looking for something in a search engine, clicking a few results, doing more research and then narrowing your search again based on what you've found. We want to change this and make the process shorter.

Our Goals

At Deals and Sales we have many goals, but our main goal is to present a good selection of products from many different retailers, and also show their hot deals and sale items along with it to make the buying process better, shorter and more satisfying for both the customers and the retailers.

We want to show our visitors that they don't need to visit many websites to justify they are making the right purchase. We want to show our visitors that they can get most of what they need from our single pages, be it product inspiration, handy buyers guides, latest prices, what's on sale and what's the latest deals, all from one source.

We go a step further with our constantly updated list of products as we only list trusted retailers and allow our visitors to narrow the list of products by certain products, brands, retailers and prices.

So in a nutshell we are all about showing our visitors what's available, what's a great deal, and also, what's a great price to get the job done.

We've got many plans for the future so please do get in touch if you need anything.

Who owns this website?

This website is owned by a small company in the UK called Your Web Marketing Ltd which creates useful websites trying to save people money and giving them more informed buying decisions. The company was formed in 2012 and has made a wide range of successful money saving deals and price sites featured on popular websites.

Who created this website?

This website was created by Gordon McNevin who loves to help people save money and build websites that do just that. Gordon has over 20 years experience in web development and puts this expertise and experience to good use when creating and maintaining small websites that give people better prices, great deals and regularly updated prices so you make better buying decisions.

Gordon McNevin