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Grass Trimmers Buyers Guide

A handy grass trimmer is great when looking after the edges of your lawn and very useful when you need to get to the parts of the garden that the lawn mower can't reach.

As you might have guessed, grass trimmers come in 3 power types: Electric Corded, Rechargeable and Petrol.

Electric Grass Trimmers means you can simply plug-in and turn on, and this means no recharging/refueling and has unlimited power. Some cons include can't use them in the wet (safely), you're only as long as your power cord, and there is the possibility you could cut through your wire.

Rechargeable Grass Trimmers (also known as cordless grass trimmers) have a limited amount of power and charge, so you'll need to ensure you're fully charged before getting started. Also you'll probably need to purchase additional batteries if you have a medium to large garden. On the plus side there is no cords or cables to worry about so you can take it anywhere. Sadly this does make them slightly heavier.

Petrol Grass Trimmers are generally the most powerful grass trimmers around and have many advantages. There is no power cord and you have pretty much unlimited time as long as you have the petrol to feed it. With this extra power means you should take extra care. Safety first!

Stay Safe! Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes, heavy-duty footwear to protect your feet and some heavy-duty gloves to help with grip and to protect your hands from flying debris.

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